Chena River and Well Water

Here is a link to a webcam of the Chena River in Fairbanks, AK.

This link provides a current view of the Chena River from a nearby story. This would be a interesting way to discuss or introduce the Chena River to a class. After the introduction the teacher would need to then discuss how it was formed by the flow of water in Alaska.

An additional topic is having a well in Alaska. It’s beneficial to use a well at your home because it is much more convenient. Otherwise you would need to periodically drive an empty water tank loaded into your truck to a facility that provides water. The water would be clean and pure, but if you do not get the water often enough you may find yourself without enough water to shower, do dishes, etc. Having your own well would eliminate these issues. Of course well water is not always the best option. In North Pole especially, well water contains a high amount of minerals such as iron. In order to purify the water and make it safe and usable, home owners need to purchase a water softener. These can be expensive and sometimes hard to maintain if your water is particularly poor. Often times well water will still smell strongly of sulfur and has a tendency to turn surfaces a yellow-ish color. Deciding whether or not to use well water depends on what lengths you are willing to go to provide usable water to your home.