Flooding in Alaska

2b.) Flooding in Alaska-When does flooding occur and what are the hazards. Give examples (photo links etc. are fine).

Flooding occurs in Alaska when precipitation happens rapidly or a fast break-up occurs, this provides a quick influx of water with not enough room to dissipate among regular channels, so it overflows into surrounding areas. My dad was 16 during the flood of ’67. He lived in downtown Fairbanks and told stories of tying his rowboat to the top of the tree in his front yard.   The basement of their house flooded and you can still see the water mark on the wall today. The Alaska Digital Archives has photos of the flood that shows the damage flooding can cause. https://vilda.alaska.edu/cdm4/results.php?CISOOP1=all&CISOBOX1=1967+flood&CISOFIELD1=CISOSEARCHALL&CISOROOT=all. I have old slides from my Dad taking during the flood, they are not digitized, but I think I plan to make them one day.

The Chena Rive Lakes Flood Control Project, built at the ’67 flood, has helped to eliminate flooding of downtown Fairbanks since its creation. An informative article about the project can be found at https://www.gi.alaska.edu/ScienceForum/ASF16/1663.html

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